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The Rooney Philly Lawyer has expertise in personal injury and criminal defense. We can help you understand the legal process. Contact us today!

Personal Injury

When a personal injury occurs that was the fault of another, you have rights under the law and can file a civil lawsuit to get you the compensation you deserve.

Premises Liability Lawyer

Many circumstances can lead to injury and thus, premises liability case. Contact our premises liability attorneys at Rooney Philly Lawyer…Read More

Slip & Fall Accidents

We can provide you with an excellent slip and fall lawyer in Philadelphia. If you want the best chance of getting the compensation you deserve, you need our Pennsylvania attorneys on your side…Read More

Truck Accident Injury Lawyer

Are you looking for a specialized personal injury attorney in Philadelphia, PA? Rooney Philly Lawyer is well-recognized for handling trucking accident cases…Read More

Car Accident Lawyer

You can trust the car accident lawyers at Rooney Philly Lawyer. We will fight for your right to justice and get you the compensation you deserve for your injuries…Read More

Bus Accident Lawyer

Mass transit accident lawsuits can be complicated to file because they involve numerous defendants and entities that may be liable in the accident. As one of Philadelphia’s top-rated bus accident lawyer, John F. Rooney, V has a wealth of experience & knowledge to help with your school bus accident case…Read More

Pedestrian Accidents Lawyer

When you were hit by a car and seek compensation for the damages you suffered, you need professional legal assistance of a pedestrian accident attorney…Read More

Construction Accidents Lawyer

When you hire a construction site accident lawyer at our Pennsylvania firm, you’ll receive expert representation. If you’ve suffered an injury on a job site, you’re entitled to maximum compensation…Read More

Animal And Dog Bite Lawyer

Contact us if you need a dog bite attorney in Pennsylvania. We will guide you through the steps of filing a lawsuit after your injury. With us on your case, we’ll fight hard to ensure you receive compensation…Read More

Criminal Defense

We are criminal defense lawyers that fight to prove your innocence in criminal cases and work to get you justice according to the law. We support you through the legal process.

Drug Crimes Lawyer

When you are charged with a drug crime, you need a lawyer that specializes in drug crime defenses. The attorneys at Rooney Philly Lawyer can help fight your case…Read More

Drug Diversion Program

When facing misdemeanor drug charges, you may be eligible for Drug Diversion Program and must have the experienced attorneys from the Law Firm of John F. Rooney, V by your side to fight your rights…Read More

Firearm & Weapon Charges

Our gun lawyer has the expertise and knowledge you need to fight your firearms or weapons charges in and around Philadelphia. Our experienced firearms attorney can help you to seek justice…Read More

DUI Defense Lawyer

Avoid a DUI felony on your record by working with a DUI defense lawyer on your case. Rooney Philly Lawyer can help you with your DUI defense case…Read More

Marijuana DUI Charges

As a Philadelphia Marijuana DUI Lawyer, John F. Rooney strives to get clients’ DUI charges dropped, dismissed, or lessened. We also handle additional charges related to possession…Read More

Sex Crimes Lawyer

If you need a competent sex crime lawyer, choose Rooney Philly Lawyer in Pennsylvania. We’ll help you fight the charges for these types of cases, regardless of the offense…Read More

Bench Warrants

When a bench warrant is issued, you may encounter severe consequences such as arrest and detention. In this situation, you need the reliable and efficient help of a criminal defense attorney who can quickly resolve your bench warrant case…Read More

Domestic Violence Lawyer

When you face domestic violence charges or PFA and seek the best possible settlement for the matter, you need an experienced Philadelphia domestic violence lawyer on your side…Read More

Burglary And Robbery Lawyer

Robbery and burglary are serious felonies that carry lengthy jail time. So it is wise to have a professional robbery and burglary lawyer on your side…Read More

Aggravated And Simple Assault Lawyer

Assault charges are taken seriously in Pennsylvania, and your need professional assault lawyer specializing in criminal defense to handle your case successfully…Read More

Auto Theft Lawyer

In Pennsylvania, vehicle theft is a serious crime commonly charged with felony case. John F. Rooney, V is a knowledgeable and experienced auto theft attorney who helps people throughout Philadelphia, PA to fight back for justice…Read More

Murder Defense Attorney

Murder is the felony with death or life sentence, so hiring experienced murder defense attorney can be reasonable to mitigate the punishment or achieve absolution…Read More

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