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If you have recently been arrested for a gun crime, you know how important it can be to find an excellent gun lawyer. A firearms attorney or a Philadelphia criminal defense lawyer can help you to avoid major penalties or fines that could cause you long-term problems.

When you need a gun lawyer or firearms attorney, you need a firm with the experience to help you face your charges. The staff at Rooney Philly Lawyer have the knowledge and experience you need to get justice. We can help you get your criminal charges reduced or dropped altogether.

Pennsylvania Gun Laws

Even though you are legally allowed to carry a weapon, breaking the law in Pennsylvania can come with serious repercussions. You need to know what the Pennsylvania gun laws say and how you can abide by the rules and regulations for your firearm.

When you are arrested for a gun crime, you could be facing stiff penalties with lifelong consequences. A firearm charge could show up as a felony on your record or result in incarceration. This one crime can make it difficult for you to find gainful employment or live a normal life. You may never be permitted to own a gun again.

It would be much better to be charged with a misdemeanor in your criminal trial because of the smaller penalty. However, you should always opt to have a professional firearms attorney who is well-versed in gun laws represent you in Pennsylvania.

These are both very serious accusations that you might be convicted of. To learn more about the Pennsylvania gun laws, read our article “All You Need to Know about Weapons Charges in Philadelphia.”

Firearm or Weapon Charges Offense

According to Pennsylvania law, you can face charges for carrying a concealed weapon without a permit. Pennsylvania does happen to be a “shall-issue” state, but there are strict guidelines about who can qualify for a firearm.

No permit is required if you are carrying your firearm on your own property or business. However, other circumstances do require a concealed carry permit. If you break these laws by unlawfully carrying a weapon, you could face penalties for your offense.

Firearm Charges & Weapon Charges for an Attorney Near Me

Are you searching for “firearm charges and weapon charges attorney near me”? Fortunately, Rooney Philly Lawyer can help you face your criminal charges in the state of Pennsylvania and around Philadelphia.

Our criminal lawyers have spent many years defending clients in cases involving alleged illegal possession, use, or sale of firearms. We have handled cases that range from simple allegations to federal prosecutions with everything in between. No matter the circumstances of your case, our skilled trial lawyer is prepared to defend to you at Rooney Philly Lawyer. Contact us today at (215) 795-5940 to set up your personalized consultation!

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