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If you have been injured on poorly maintained or dangerous property, a Philadelphia personal injury lawyer can help you find the best way to pursue an injury claim in order to receive compensation for the harm you have suffered. John F. Rooney, V is a professional premises liability lawyer who has a comprehensive understanding of Pennsylvania laws and codes relevant to the premises liability cases. He will investigate and establish all of the facts to achieve the most favorable outcome for you.

People may suffer injuries when on the property of others whether in a hotel, grocery store, or even government property. And every property owner can be held accountable if hazards exist due to the owner’s negligence such as lack of faulty maintenance or the failure to quickly remove a known problem resulting in injuries. You need to know the rights and obligations of anyone involved in such injury. Because of the great risk of claim denials and extremely complex set of laws, it is important to have an experienced premises liability lawyer to put your claim into litigation successfully.

Philadelphia’s Top-Rated Premises Liability Lawyer Explains Premises Liability Law

Premises liability law is a legal concept that holds owners and occupiers of the property responsible for accidents or injuries that occur on their premises. It covers a broad spectrum of cases. Our premises liability lawyers regularly represent people in claims and lawsuits like slip and fall accidents, construction site accidents, burn injuries, animal attacks, and much more.

There are a set of rules a property manager must follow to ensure the reasonable safety of people on the property. When a property owner fails to meet a standard of care, she or he can be held liable for any injuries occurred on her or his property. Each claim has its own, unique set of circumstances but, in most cases, an injured person must prove three items to be successful on premises liability case. First, a victim needs to show that hazardous condition was not easily seen. Second, that the hazard was within the control of property owner. Finally, the injured person needs to prove that the defendant had notice of dangerous conditions and did nothing to remedy it. To find out whether you have a viable claim, you should contact an experienced premises liability lawyer at our law office as soon as possible and tell us all the details of your accident.

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To understand this area of law and receive an honest assessment of any potential claim, contact a premises liability lawyer in Philadelphia, PA. Our Philadelphia trial attorney can investigate and gather the necessary evidence and prove that the property owner violated the safety rules. We will aggressively litigate your case to protect your interests and gain a favorable settlement. Our attorneys are located in Philadelphia, PA, and provide legal services throughout Bala Cynwyd, PA; Springfield, PA; Upper Darby, PA; Plymouth Meeting, PA.

Time is one of the most important factors when finding and preserving evidence that is needed to prove your claim. We want to help you get the coverage you deserve. Don’t hesitate to call your premises liability lawyer at (215) 279-8400 and tell about your case today.

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