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Philadelphia Truck Accident Injury Lawyer

John F. Rooney, V is a skillful personal injury lawyer in Philadelphia, PA who handled many truck accident cases. As one of the best Philadelphia truck accident lawyers, he is ready to provide you with a strong legal representation in court, investigate different factors that could determine the value of your case, and get the compensation you deserve.

Truck accidents or 18-wheeler accidents can result in devastating property damage and severe injuries. Massive medical bills, inability to care for the family when you recover, lost income, and pain can turn your life into nightmare. Sometimes, people who are involved in a truck accident may have a personal injury case and don’t even realize it because of shock and post-traumatic disorientation.

In addition, large commercial truck accidents involve not only injuries and property damage but also marked by a plethora of complex legal issues only professional injury attorneys can solve. Truck wreck cases are different than any other car accident cases. There are laws regarding truck driver’s hours of service, truck, or trailer itself, and even different laws depending on the type of material the truck carries. All these factors make hiring a seasoned truck accident lawyer to represent you in court a no-brainer.

How A Truck Accident Lawyer Can Help With My Case?

After a truck accident in Philadelphia, a truck accident victim is at disadvantage. Both trucking company and insurance company are multi-million industries with experienced attorneys and investigators to protect against paying your claim fairly. The insurance company sends quick-response teams to the scene of a truck wreck in order to gather information, take witness statements, and take photographs. Generally, the insurance company sends these investigators before the vehicles are even moved because they probably want to shift responsibility from the truck company to you and pay out as less as possible. That’s why you need your own response team of truck accident lawyers in a truck accident.

While the overwhelming majority of truck drivers take care of their rigs and drive safe, not all the operators perform their duties properly all the time. Even relatively low impact collisions can lead to serious injuries or, in some cases, even death. With our truck accident lawyer from Rooney Philly Lawyer on your side, you can be sure that we will do everything to make the case a success.

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Our law office is located in Philadelphia, PA, and we serve the Bala Cynwyd, PA; Springfield, PA; Upper Darby, PA; Plymouth Meeting, PA areas. We know how life-changing your injuries can be and we want to hear your story. Call your truck accident lawyer and schedule a personalized consultation today!

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