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If you are a victim of a bus crash, you should contact bus accident lawyer. It is vital to understand your rights and get the help of skilled personal injury attorney as soon as possible. Only fully qualified bus accident lawyer has your best interest in mind.

There are many ways people are injured using public transportation. Traffic accidents may happen with buses, subways, or trolleys. The vehicle could stop abruptly and throw you on the floor; the vehicle could be driven negligently and cause the damage even though there is no accident between the bus and the other vehicle, or between bus and pedestrians.

If the bus driver was negligent, you are entitled to get the compensation for your pain, your medical bills, and your future treatment. Your reliable bus accident lawyer, at Rooney Philly Lawyer, will help you get the money you deserve for the injuries that you sustained. We have represented a number of individuals who have been victims of a mass transit accident.

These charts show the total number of mass transit accidents in Pennsylvania by year.

School Bus Accident Attorney Who Cares

Typical school bus in Pennsylvania is over 40 feet in length and weights over 35 thousand lbs. While bus drivers receive special training that includes guidelines and protocols that they need to follow, they may become distracted, especially when kids start to misbehave or distract the driver. When an auto accident happens, you need to find a knowledgeable school bus accident attorney for professional help and support.

A school bus crash may seriously damage your kid’s development and education. It can take days or even weeks for a child to recover from devastating consequences of a traffic accident. But there are some things you can do to help yourself.

School bus crash case is a complex process involving a number of defendants. An experienced school bus accident attorney will go the extra mile to ensure quality legal service and representation. By helping yourself and your family immediately following the injury, you will be able to help your injured child later on.

These charts show the total number of school bus-related accidents in Pennsylvania by year.

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John F. Rooney, V is a professional Philadelphia trial attorney representing clients who have suffered disastrous injuries. We are bus accident lawyers that focus on getting victims the maximum compensation for their injuries, pain, and suffering.

We proudly serve the Philadelphia, PA, Bala Cynwyd, PA; Springfield, PA; Upper Darby, PA; Plymouth Meeting, PA areas. If you or your loved one have been severely injured in a mass transit accident, contact the bus accident lawyer at Rooney Philly Lawyer today for a personalized consultation and complete assessment of your claim.

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