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Weapons Charges In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Weapons Charges In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Even though you are legally permitted to carry a firearm in the state of Pennsylvania, you may still face weapons charges. If you break the law, there may be a serious penalty that can affect you for the rest of your life. Incarceration and a felony charge may await you if you are found guilty of a crime. This is why you need a Philadelphia gun lawyer.

If you are arrested on weapons charges in Philadelphia, you need a reputable criminal defense lawyer who is well-versed in state laws. The Rooney Philly Lawyer can represent you and potentially lessen your sentence. We encourage you to contact us at (215) 279-8400 for a personalized consultation and to discuss your case.

What Do The Federal, State, And Philadelphia Gun Laws Say?

The federal government has a number of gun laws designed to regulate ownership, possession, and the sale of firearms. These regulations typically make it illegal for a person who has been convicted of a particular crime to possess or own a firearm.

Both federal and state gun laws regulate who can sell guns, the people they can sell them to, and the proper procedure for doing so. This makes “straw purchases” illegal. The laws also limit the use or possession of guns during the commission of certain crimes. If you are found in possession of a firearm during these crimes, your sentence may be extended if found guilty.

Federal and state governments are typically allowed to regulate the possession, sale, and use of various weapons. An individual state typically requires some type of permit in order to carry a handgun in a variety of scenarios. In Pennsylvania, it is considered legal to carry a handgun without a permit as long as it is legal for you to possess the gun and it is not concealed. Others must be able to visibly see the gun and it cannot be kept in a vehicle. Towns and cities in Pennsylvania may have their own unique gun laws controlling ownership. Philadelphia has a separate law that requires you to have a permit, even if the gun can be seen. The complexity of the law is one of the reasons why it is so imperative to hire a knowledgeable and experienced Philadelphia criminal defense lawyer.

Pennsylvania Firearm Offenses

There are a number of common firearm offenses that people are frequently charged with in the state of Pennsylvania. It is good to familiarize yourself with the content of the state and federal laws that govern weapon usage and ownership. For example, it is illegal for a firearm to be found in the possession of a prohibited person or by someone who is completely unlicensed.

Owning a firearm with the serial or manufacturer’s number removed or altered is also considered one of the most serious firearm offenses.

In the state of Pennsylvania, you are allowed to open carry your weapons in places such as your home or business. However, this regulation is drastically different in the city of Philadelphia. You may not carry your weapon in the open or otherwise without the proper permits. This will result in an illegal gun charge being brought against you.

Firearm Penalties And Consequences

If you are charged with firearm penalties, you could get a felony on your record. This will make it much more difficult to obtain gainful employment or live in certain areas. Possession of a firearm during certain violent crimes makes you more likely to be convicted of a felony charge than some of the other gun laws and firearm consequences.

It is preferable that you receive only a misdemeanor. Hiring a good defense attorney to help you deal with your firearm consequences can make a huge difference in how your trial shapes up. Always face your firearm penalties with the assistance of an experienced Philadelphia lawyer by your side.

Hire A Philadelphia Gun Lawyer To Help You With Weapons Charges

Next time you have to stand trial for a crime related to the possession, sale, or use of firearms, make sure you hire a Philadelphia gun lawyer from one of the top firms. We can help to reduce your sentence and minimize the long-term damage to your reputation. If you have been looking for an attorney “near me” and live in Philadelphia, Bala Cynwyd, Springfield, Upper Darby, or Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania, contact John F. Rooney, V today for a personalized consultation!

Our trial lawyers have spent many years defending clients in a wide variety of cases ranging from illegal possession to straw purchases to federal prosecutions. Regardless of the details surrounding your case, our skilled and experienced Philadelphia gun lawyers are prepared to help you seek justice.

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