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When Do I Need To File My Personal Injury Lawsuit

Rooney Philly law believes that you must know your legal rights and all the steps that should be taken to properly file a personal injury lawsuit in order to obtain justice and get full coverage of losses you suffered and damages caused by the accident. If you got injured in an incident like slip and fall, a car accident or you suffer an injury resulting from a doctor’s mistake, you should expect a compensation from those who are at fault. If it is difficult to settle your personal injury case pretrial, it is time to file your personal injury lawsuit and engage a professional attorney. The Rooney law firm is your trusted personal injury attorney that thrives on helping those who are in need. Contact us to get in-depth information and outline your legal options concerning your personal injury lawsuit.

Collecting evidence to file your personal injury lawsuit

In fact, it is not easy to file your lawsuit without engaging a personal injury attorney as it starts with filling a set of documents. The first and foremost thing to do after you got into an accident is that you should look after your health. As soon as it’s done, you can start thinking of pursuing your personal injury lawsuit. Begin with collecting evidence:

  •  Find out if there is an insurance policy that can cover your losses. If the at-fault person has no money and insurance, chances are you won’t get compensation.
  •  Photographs of damages.
  •  Get names and contact information of those who may have witnessed the accident and be sure to contact them in order to confirm the provided information.
  •  Save medical bills that you paid following the incident.
  •  Take notes of every action you made, from phone calls to doctor appointments, and of everything that happened to you due to injuries like lost work or wages.
  •  Contact your personal injury attorney and discuss your legal options.

Be sure that you consult with professionals who are experienced in such cases. The Rooney personal injury law firm, serving Philadelphia, fights for their clients and always strives to get the maximum compensation for them

Preparing your complaint and summons for personal injury lawsuit

To get closer to your personal injury lawsuit hearing, you need to prepare your complaint that identifies you as the plaintiff, defendant, and the court to hear your case in. Your complaint should be clear and concise. It must include:

  •  When and where you got injured
  •  Who you believe is at-fault
  •  Whether it resulted from their neglect, etc
  •  Facts related to your personal injury lawsuit
  •  What compensation you are demanding from the defendant
  •  The signature or of your personal injury attorney

Depending on the state, you may also need to file summons to notify the defendant that they are being sued. After filing your complaint and filing summons with the court, your next step is to serve copies to the defendant.

Generally, this is a time-consuming process and if you are not sure you can handle all this paperwork properly, you can hire result-driven experts at the Rooney personal injury law firm in Philadelphia for consultation and guidance.

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