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Car Accident: Things To Do And Not To Do After Traffic Accidents

A car accident is a great stress for everyone involved. The number of traffic accidents is growing year by year. Some people became victims of these situations, some people think that it is not necessary to respect the rules of the road. For example, you had a car accident. Your next steps have had a serious impact on your insurance bill. The process after a car accident is quite easy, but many important things can be missed because of post-crash shock and, in some cases, injuries. So, in serious traffic accidents, the best solution is to hire a competent car accident lawyer to protect your interests and get proper compensation. Here are some tips on how to deal with the consequences of a car crash.

What To Do After A Car Accident That Is Not Your Fault.

  •  Assess the situation

The first thing you should do is to determine if someone is injured. Call the 911 whether or not there are any injuries. In some states, the police may not come to the place of a minor accident. But you should call the police anyway. That way you will obtain an official report which will help you to file the claim with your auto insurance company. Move the vehicles off the road if it is possible, set the emergency signs and switch the hazard lights on. If you have injuries after collision then contact your personal injury lawyer.

  •  Contact with car accident attorney

If there was a minor accident and you reached the settlement with another driver, then calling your own car accident lawyer is not required. But, in fact, such situations are the exceptions that prove the rule, because traffic accidents happen quickly and it is hard to say whose fault it was. There will always be injuries, or major car damage, or disputes about blame. Moreover, sometimes party’s insurance company may refuse to cover the damage without an official report. In this case, the help of a car accident attorney will be very useful.

  •  Document the car crash

Gather any useful information about the car accident: name, address and phone number of the driver; insurance company name and policy number. Pictures from the scene of the car crash with the license plate of a car on it will come in handy too. The other driver is not obliged to show you his driver license, but it is necessary to confirm his identity somehow. Make the scene diagram and write some notes about the car accident. Get the contact information of witnesses.

  •  Know your insurance coverage before you’ll have the car accident

Even if you have no-fault insurance, you need to know what exactly cover your insurance company and what you’ll have to pay out of your own pocket. There will be a bad surprise that no one is going to tow your vehicle for free after the car accident, even if that’s not your fault. The payment process mostly depends on the driver’s fault and types of insurance that the parties have. Since the cost of the policy is affected by many and many factors, you should get a car accident lawyer personalized consultation to pick up the insurance policy suited for you.

Things You Shouldn’t Do At The Scene Of The Car Accident.

  •  Leave the crash site

Leaving the scene of the car accident you are breaking the law. You can get a fine or lose your driving license. Wait for the police to write an official report.

  •  Forget to call the police

Even if the car accident is minor and no one is hurt, you should call the police. Official police reports contain critical information about the car crash for your insurance company. Also, report is vital for establishing the fault.

  •  Lose your temper

The car accident is a true challenge for your mental state as well. You may become angry or stressed, but try to chill out. Count to ten and take a deep breath, it can help to focus on important thing to do.

  •  Admit the fault

Even if it’s obvious that it is your fault, do not say something like ‘Okay, my bad’ to the party’s insurance company. Words like these may help the insurance companies to avoid covering your damages.

  •  Forget to document the car accident

Any information from the scene of a car accident is important. Note every detail before you’ll decide to leave the crash site.

  •  Speak to the other party’s insurance company without a lawyer

Insurance companies don’t want to lose their money as well as you. They will try to save money and settle your claim with the minimum losses on their part. A professional car accident lawyer will help you to get an insurance payment bill that will cover the full cost of your vehicle damage and medical treatment.

  •  Settle an unfair agreement

If you have started the discussion with other driver’s insurance company already, pay attention not just to your words. Legal discussion is a tricky process, where all your words will turn against you aftermath. Insurance providers will try to drag you into unfair settlements, so with the help of a car accident attorney, you can be sure that you will get every dollar you need to repair your car.

  •  File a lawsuit on your own

Think twice before you’ll decide to sue the insurance company. Car accident lawsuit is a complicated procedure that needs many years of experience and it will cost you a lot of money and time. It is a wise decision to hire a car accident lawyer to protect your interests in court and save your own time.

  •  Decline to hire a lawyer

If you had a major car crash with serious car accident injuries and other damage, you can’t avoid the trial. Be ready to spend all your free time in court answering questions and filling tons of papers.

  •  Neglect consequences

We understand that it is hard to keep in mind that ocean of information, then your car looks like a contemporary art and you need a medical treatment. But it is vital to know the right things to do, if you want put all the things on a right track and forget about the car crash as soon as possible.

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