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What do filing a claim against someone in an auto accident and two years have in common?

What do filing a claim against someone in an auto accident and two years have in common?

It’s the amount of time you have to file a claim. 

So it is important to call Rooney Philly lawyer, as soon as you have a car accident. Make sure you get a police report, take photos of the accident scene and contact a car accident attorney. There are instances where you could have more time, Rooney knows these instances so call Rooney Philly lawyer ASAP. The clock is ticking. Don’t negotiate with the insurance companies  alone, call Rooney Philly lawyer. Protect yourself and concentrate on your recovery. 

Exceptions To The Two Year Rule

Some of the exceptions are if accident occurred with a government vehicle, in which case you may only have 6 months to file a claim, so call Rooney Philly lawyer to get more information on the specifics or your car accident case. A person under the age of 21 who has never been married and is under the control of parents may also have more time to file a claim so call Rooney Philly lawyer. If the at fault driver flees you may have more time, so call Rooney Philly lawyer. If you miss the filing deadline you lose the right to bring a claim or case.

Protect Your Rights

By speaking to a Rooney Philly lawyer, you can ensure that you will be protected from private investigators and insurance adjusters who may hurt your case. By calling Rooney Philly lawyer,  you can begin to receive the right medical care and receive the full money award that you deserve. Do not disclose the facts of the crash to an insurance adjuster without consulting Rooney Philly Lawyer. Your support is ensured, your initial consultation with Rooney Philly lawyer is free and we never take a fee from you unless we are successful in getting you money. 

What Questions Should You Be Asking?

Some questions you should ask Rooney Philly  lawyer? Here are some examples: What kind of compensation can I get after a car crash? Should I accept the insurance company’s offer? What is the cost for me to file a claim? Do I need a car accident lawyer? Should I contact a lawyer before I contact an insurance adjuster or should the lawyer contact the insurance adjuster? How do I know if I have a personal injury case?

If you don’t file the claim within the statute of limitations (time limit) it could prevent you from receiving a settlement on your case. Even if the crash was not your fault. The result of you not filing in time you will miss out on any chance of compensation. The time frame differs in different instances. So call Rooney Philly lawyer. Protect your rights.  Rooney can advise you of the time line that relates to your case. 

In Pennsylvania the statute of limitations most of the time expires after two years. This two year window begins on the day of the accident, however each case differs. 


Rooney Philly Lawyer
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