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Sample Demand Letter & Steps For Cash Settlements In PA Car Accident Claims

Sample Demand Letter & Steps For Cash Settlements In PA Car Accident Claims

Securing a fair settlement following a car accident or personal injury claim in Pennsylvania is a time-consuming process, often involving due diligence to various state and local regulations, compiling evidence, and negotiating with insurers or liable parties. Before compensation can be received, several steps, including issuing a cash settlement letter, must be completed. Here’s a breakdown of what occurs post-settlement agreement:

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Cash Settlement Confirmation Letter

Following a verbal agreement, a confirmation letter is sent, formalizing the terms discussed between the claimant, insurance adjuster, and attorney. This correspondence, typically dispatched within 24 hours of the agreement, ensures alignment between parties. Any discrepancies are rectified to uphold the agreed-upon terms.

Sample of a Cash Settlement Letter

A sample letter template is provided, detailing essential information such as the claimant’s details, settlement amount, and mailing address for the insurance company’s check and release form.

Release Form

Within weeks, the claimant receives a release form from the insurer, absolving them and the negligent party of further liability upon signature. This document clarifies that acceptance of payment concludes the claim and prohibits future claims related to the incident.

Pending Medical Bills or Liens

Confirmation of resolved medical bills and liens is required, indicating the claimant’s responsibility for any outstanding debts related to the accident.

Signing the Form

Once reviewed, the release form is signed and returned to the insurer, typically preceding the issuance of the settlement check. Any uncertainties should be addressed with legal counsel before signing, as alterations are not possible post-signature.


If legal representation is unavailable, careful review of the release form is advised, accompanied by queries directed to the adjuster for clarity. It is emphasized that signing this form does not preclude additional claims against other liable parties.

Sending the Release Form

Upon comprehension of its implications, the signed release form is returned to the insurer, preferably via certified mail for documentation purposes. The settlement check is anticipated within two weeks of receipt.

Property Damage

Separation of property damage claims from personal injury claims is essential, with explicit delineation of each in the release form. Attorney oversight ensures proper handling of both aspects.

Check Arrival

Should the settlement check fail to arrive within the stipulated timeframe, recourse to the insurance board is available. Inquiries may prompt swift resolution, maintaining the integrity of the settlement process.

Auto accident attorneys in Pennsylvania leverage their extensive experience to advocate for clients diligently. With a commitment to protecting their interests, legal professionals proficiently navigate insurance intricacies to ensure favorable resolutions. If you need assistance in filing a demand letter or seeking compensation for injuries for an auto accident injury in Pennsylvania, Please contact the personal injury attorneys at Rooney Philly Lawyer today. 

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