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Philadelphia Domestic Violence Lawyer

Philadelphia Domestic Violence LawyerArguments with your significant other may often grow into passion fights when you start yelling at each other. If the situation slowly slips into altercations, you may encounter domestic violence charges as well as serious consequences. In case, you are accused of abusing your loved ones, you must seek professional legal help from an experienced Philadelphia trial attorney. Because the complainant can’t drop charges, even if he or she doesn’t want to pursue the case, you need to have the support of a domestic violence lawyer to fight for your rights. Domestic violence in Pennsylvania is defined as knowingly causing fear or bodily injuries, assault, stalking, etc. towards a family or household member, such as:

  • Spouses or ex-spouses
  • Domestic partners and former domestic partners
  • Current or former roommates
  • Parents and children
  • Blood relatives
  • Individuals related through marriage

If you encountered domestic violence charges, don’t hesitate to call John F. Rooney, a Philadelphia domestic lawyer, to discuss your specific case in detail.

Common Charges in Philadelphia Domestic Violence Matters

Most individuals don’t realize the gravity of domestic violence and its consequence. Domestic violence is not a separate criminal charge but one of the several types of accusations, such as:

  • Domestic Assault – acting intentionally causing bodily injuries or fear
  • Child Abuse – generally, endangering the Welfare of a Child
  • Stalking – repeatedly following a person causing emotional distress or reasonable fear of bodily injuries
  • Kidnapping – taking a person away by force and holding him or her captive

John F. Rooney has successfully protected his clients on domestic violence matters for many years. When you face domestic violence charges, you need the top lawyer on your side. The law firm of John F. Rooney, V is your professional legal assistance and protection.

Contact the experienced criminal defense lawyers for the law firm of John F. Rooney, V for your professional legal assistance and protection.
Philadelphia Domestic Violence Lawyer

Protection from Abuse (PFA) Order in Pennsylvania

In case of domestic violence, a victim may go to court and file Protection from Abuse (PFA) Order. The main purpose of such procedure is to establish rules between two parties involved in a domestic violence matter. These orders are temporary and last until the final PFA is settled at a hearing.

Finding the Best Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer in Philadelphia

To defend against domestic violence charges and PFA, you need to demonstrate evidence and make proper arguments against charges or terms of PFA. The Law Firm of John F. Rooney, V will handle your case and get the best possible outcome of the matter for you. We are proud to serve the Greater Philadelphia area including Bala Cynwyd, Springfield, Upper Darby, and Plymouth Meeting. Contact the top domestic violence defense lawyer today to set up a personalized consultation!

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