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Precision Personal Injury Representation In Philadelphia, PA

Being involved in a personal injury case of any kind can be a difficult process to navigate. You deserve the ability to successfully recover and receive adequate compensation to do so. Oftentimes, however, insurance companies and the legal system can complicate this process, making an already challenging situation harder on you.

Because of this unfortunate reality, a personal injury lawyer plays a critical role in the successful resolution of your case, which directly relates to the proper financial compensation of your injury. A skilled attorney will have the ability to interface with insurance companies on your behalf, and negotiate the appropriate medical damages required for your recovery.

Attorney John Rooney is an established and well-respected personal injury lawyer in the city of Philadelphia, PA dedicated to the wellbeing and legal autonomy of his clients. Whatever personal injury case he is presented with, he compiles the facts and evidence necessary to represent and resolve the case. With over nine years of experience, Mr. Rooney has compiled a unique set of skills that speak volumes to the standard of success he strives to achieve.

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The Most Common Types Of Personal Injury Cases Our Firm Represents

Through the years, our firm has represented a large variety of personal injury cases. This  enables us to understand and recognize what a successful legal team can achieve. Attorney John Rooney has had the opportunity to offer his services as an attorney to many clients, including cases such as:

  • Car Accidents: If you have been injured in an auto accident, a car accident lawyer is vital to a positive case outcome- whether you were considered at fault or not.
  • Premises Liability: If you have been injured on a dangerous or poorly maintained property, a premises liability lawyer can help construct and represent your case.
  • Slip & Fall Accidents: Slipping and falling in an area that is wet and hazardous happens more often than one would expect, that’s why a slip & fall accidents lawyer is such a crucial asset to your legal team.
  • Pedestrian Accidents: If you have been hit by a car as a pedestrian, a pedestrian accidents lawyer will help you achieve the maximum possible compensation in order to adequately pay your medical bills.
  • Construction Accidents: Being injured on the job as a construction worker is a difficult situation to be in, and with the complexities of insurance companies and workers’ compensation laws, a construction accidents attorney is important to your financial restitution.

Whatever your personal injury may be, Rooney Philly Law’s top priority lies in the legal safety and long-term medical wellbeing of our clients. Our firm understands what is at stake, and our mission is to aggressively manage your case so that you are able to recover suitable damages. We do this so that you can successfully live your life with a financially and medically secure future ahead of you.

How Personal Injury Is Defined In Philadelphia, PA

Personal injury is an area of Tort Law, which deals with an omission or act that causes loss or harm to another individual. A personal injury case is a lawsuit brought against the individual or corporation that played a role in the injury (directly or indirectly) to the mind or body of another person. In personal injury law, the plaintiff must prove that the injury was caused by negligence or malicious intent. In the city of Philadelphia, PA, a personal injury case can involve anything from a defective product to medical malpractice, and in any circumstance, there are legal structures set in place that protect the injured person from dealing with their injuries without medical compensation.

A personal injury lawyer plays a large role in the construction of a lawsuit against the individual or corporation that contributed to your injury. No matter what your case may look like, you deserve experienced and skilled legal representation in order to properly protect your best interests.

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Rooney Philly Lawyer: We Stand With Your Personal Injury Case

Attorney John Rooney is a distinguished lawyer that holds the relationships of his clients and their legal security to a standard of considerate understanding. This desire for strong client relationships has enabled him to thoughtfully communicate with his client base with productivity and competence. Mr. Rooney has had the privilege of representing a vast array of personal injury cases, giving him immense skill and insight into this particularly complex area of law. With a case history boasting countless successful outcomes, Attorney John Rooney is eager to offer his professional legal counsel to any individual suffering from a personal injury due to negligence or malicious intent. No matter what your personal case may be, Attorney John Rooney stands with you.

For more information about personal injury cases and what our firm can do to help, please do not hesitate to contact our office today for an initial consultation.

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