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Rooney Philly Lawyer

Rooney Philly Lawyer: Assertive And Experienced DUI Defense In Philadelphia, PA

In the city of Philadelphia, PA, intoxicated driving is often severely punished with penalties such as license suspension, hefty fines, and even jail time. Given the seriousness of a DUI charge, having proper legal representation is crucial for your safety and the just resolution of your case. Often, law enforcement can make things difficult when it comes to the investigation of a DUI case, attempting to coerce the defendant into falsely incriminating themselves in order to resolve the case as quickly as possible. A competent DUI lawyer understands the proceedings of a DUI case, and what it takes to protect their client from a potential violation of their legal rights.

Attorney John Rooney is a lawyer that understands the DUI laws Philadelphia has in place, and how to navigate the legal system in a way that adequately protects his clients. With over nine years of experience in the legal field, Mr. Rooney has shown his capability in legal representation from constructing a poignant defense case to fighting for his clients in the courtroom. No matter what DUI case he is confronted with, Attorney John Rooney has the skills and expertise necessary to resolve it with understanding and ease.

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Successfully Defending A First-Offense DUI Charge

Even if you are facing your first DUI charge, the consequences can still be harsh with the possibility of altering your record and driving privileges Because of this, a first-offense DUI attorney plays a critical role in how your case is handled and resolved in the legal system. If convicted of a first-offense DUI charge, the penalties can range from entering a divisionary program to 72 hours in jail. What’s more, with higher amounts of alcohol in the blood, the state of Pennslyvania has the ability to suspend your license for up to a year and charge you up to $5,000 in fines. With all of this in mind, it is important to understand the rights you are entitled to in the legal system, and proper legal counsel plays a large role in ensuring these rights are thoroughly adhered to by the prosecution.

Due to the drastic impact a first-time DUI conviction can have on an individual, retaining a first conviction DUI attorney offers a layer of legal protection that has the potential to decrease the penalties drastically. Attorney John Rooney has represented a vast array of first offense DUI cases, giving him the unique ability to construct cases based on a calculated approach informed by experience and discernment.

What A DUI Defense Attorney Can Do For Their Client

A DUI defense attorney is a multi-faceted asset to any DUI case. Whether an individual has no proof against them to be prosecuted, or an abundance of evidence against them, a DUI attorney has the capability to construct a case based on the facts, and use this to the advantage of the client. Most importantly, legal representation offers legal security against the individuals prosecuting your case, ensuring that your rights are being observed and that the argument brought against you is within the bounds of a lawful investigation. A good attorney will display the weak elements of the prosecution’s case in an effort to reduce your charges and maintain your driving privileges. Additionally, a lawyer will help you navigate the legal options you have before you, and offer counsel regarding the most suitable way to resolve your case.

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What Makes John Rooney Among The Best DUI Attorneys In Philadelphia, PA

Attorney John Roony prioritizes the relationships he builds with his clients above all else. This allows constructive communication that is vital to the successful construction of any DUI case. With extensive experience representing DUI cases, Mr. Rooney has cultivated a success-driven approach to his law practice that speaks for itself. When it comes to DUI defense, it takes an assertive and direct attorney that has the ability to work well under pressure to effectively resolve the case. Mr. Rooney has an instilled work ethic that allows him to put in the time and effort necessary to consistently construct and fight for DUI cases with a dedication to success. With more than nine years of legal experience, Attorney John Rooney has had the opportunity to offer his clients fierce and compassionate legal advocacy that stands as a testament to his goal to ensure that every person sees a just application of the law.

Our stands with you and your DUI case. If you are in need of structured and expert DUI defense in the Philadelphia, PA area that will fight for you, please do not hesitate to contact our office today for an initial consultation today.

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