Drug Crimes
When you are charged with a drug crime, you need a lawyer that specializes in drug crime defenses. The attorneys at the Law Office of John F. Rooney, V can help fight your case.
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Philadelphia Drug Crimes Lawyer

A first-rate trial lawyer is here to clear your name and represent your interests in court. When you are arrested for a drug crime, you want a drug lawyer that understands the law and can help you win your case. Whether you are facing state or federal drug crime charges, you need a drug lawyer that can represent you in court and help you win your case. Drug crimes are notoriously prosecuted with stiff penalties, and your drug lawyer can help you get minimum sentencing and penalties in your case. Allow a drug lawyer at the Law Office of John F. Rooney, V to help advise you on your legal rights and represent you in court. We will fight to get you justice!

Working With A Philadelphia Drug Lawyer

When you hire a Philadelphia drug lawyer at the Law Office of John F. Rooney, V for a drug crime, you can count on our expertise in helping you receive reduced penalties. We know the law when it comes to drug crimes and will work to fight for your legal rights under the law. We will help you understand the law and work with you to develop a case that fights the charges against you. We will represent you in court no matter if you were arrested for simple drug possession or drug trafficking. We can fight your drug crime charges and get justice in your criminal case. We are Philadelphia drug lawyers that are committed to protecting your freedom and preserving your legal rights. We serve the Philadelphia, Delaware, Montgomery, Bucks, Chester counties and can help you with your drug crime charges. Contact your personal Philadelphia criminal defence lawyer today to set up a free consultation.