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This section will help you try our professionalism for size through reading reviews. Our clients share here their opinion on their partnership experience with us.

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Vic: True Advocate for YOU

Having an advocate during difficult times is so hard to find. You want someone who is not only passionate about the law but also uses that passion to prioritize your best interests during stressful times. John Rooney was that advocate for me and my family. My wife was hit by a car while crossing the street in Philadelphia. Your head spins when a loved one is seriously injured and emotions run high. All of a sudden you are dealing with police reports, insurance companies, and doctor’s bills that all are so important to manage so your loved one can be made whole again. John was great in anticipating the needs of my wife and my family; he was always present to answer our concerns regarding the accident. In addition, when it came to financial settlement, John was absolutely great in assertively dealing with the insurance companies and was aggressive to ensure we got the very best financial settlement. It’s great to have someone like John on your side when you’re trying to determine what needs you have not only now but in the future….John was great with helping identify those needs. We will always be grateful. You will not find a better advocate!
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Derek Syphrett: Hire John Rooney – He solves problems

John Rooney Solves Problems. His website smartly leads with this statement. Its true. I’ve lawyers quite a bit in a professional or civil suit environment. John Rooney is one of the best I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. ABOUT MR. JOHN ROONEY: John Rooney has wonderful characteristics that are frankly hard to find in the legal field. For starters: He is very smart, professional, wise, and prudent. John is not afraid to advocate for his clients and he doesn’t play footsies with Judges or Lawyers. He’s of course always respectful when in court, but he makes it clear to everyone that: (1) you have rights, (2) that your rights will be respected by all parties, and (3) you deserve an expedient just resolution of your matter. Most importantly: he is sharp and tough as a “steeled razor”. He will look to simplify complex problems and work through your issue with a process oriented common sense approach. I hate to call any lawyer a bargain because, it implies their service isn’t valuable (top shelf). Instead I’d simply say I owe Mr. Rooney more than he required me to pay. I look forward to watching Mr. Rooney’s career from a far after he is done representing me. He is the sort of lawyer you root for. He is the sort of lawyer there simply are not enough of.
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Tom: Working with John

I engaged John to help me with a commercial litigation matter and he did a great job representing me and bringing the issue to a quick conclusion. I WOULD STRONGLY RECOMMEND HIM TO EVERYONE.
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Dan: Small Claims Hero

After being burned by a contractor when rehabbing my newly purchased home, I hired John Rooney to take the case to small claims court. This was an FHA 203(k) purchase, so the details were complicated due to the nature of the loan. John researched my unique case extensively, and was able to brilliantly articulate his arguments to an extremely tedious judge. After 4 hours in the courtroom and various white-boarding sessions, John won the case for me with a judgement of $6,000. This man knows how to lawyer.
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Joe: Great Defense Attorney

I hired John Rooney when I found myself in some legal trouble. Not only were John’s fees very reasonable, he proved to be extremely effective and knowledgeable in the court room. Throughout the entire process, John took the time to explain each step and what to expect, since this was my first experience with the legal system. When I was wrongfully charged with a felony, he realized this and successfully fought the charge and got it dropped, which was absolutely huge. Ultimately I pleaded guilty to the misdemeanor charge, since I did commit that crime, and the Philadelphia DA was unwilling to offer any sort of plea deal. When the sentence was harsher than expected (house arrest), John filed a motion to reconsider, which worked, and got the sentenced reduced to just probation; a punishment more inline with the crime and my lack of any criminal record prior to this incident. Without John’s experience and assertiveness, I could very well have ended up behind bars. I basically owe my freedom to him.
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Dan: Very happy client!

John guided and defended me through a difficult case and I am thrilled with the probation settlement he was able to arrange. On more than one occasion people I’ve interacted with in the criminal justice system when learning the details of my case, have expressed that “I must have an incredible lawyer” and I tell them that I certainly do. I highly recommend John and have gone back to him on two occasions where both times he has successfully arranged to have the conditions of my probation lessened.
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