Wage Theft
The employment law lawyers at The Law Office Of John F. Rooney, V can help you win your wage theft lawsuit against your employer and get you the settlement you deserve.
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Philadelphia Wage Theft Lawyer

If you have any problems with your employer, you may, want to fix them as soon as possible. The competent employment attorney will represent you in a court and solve any mistreatment by your boss.

The wage theft lawyer at The Law Office of John F. Rooney, V, helps people who are victims of wage theft. Anyone who is trying to earn a living deserves fair compensation for any work performed.

Employers don’t always do their part, either because they are being negligent or because they are depriving their workers on purpose. It’s theft either way. To make it worse, it’s often people who make the least who are the victims of wage theft. You need the help of a wage theft lawyer in these cases.

Anyone who thinks he isn’t getting paid fairly may be afraid to do or say anything. People depend on their employers for money they need to live, and often they also need health insurance and other benefits. The wage theft lawyer at The Law Office of John F. Rooney is used to helping people who are worried about fighting back.

What Is Wage Theft?

There are several ways an employer may be committing wage theft. The most common wage theft act is the failure to pay overtime when it is required. Under the Fair Labor Standards Act, employees are entitled to time and a half for any hours over 40 if they’re not exempt.

Other ways employers commit wage theft is by paying less than minimum wage, taking out illegal deductions, or simply not paying. Some employers simply don’t pay at all. When employers commit wage theft, the employee and his or her family suffer.

Wage theft is serious. Violators have to pay back the money they owe and can be subject to large fines and even jail time. Call the Philadelphia trial lawyer at The Law Office of John F. Rooney today if you or a loved may be a victim of wage theft. We serve the Philadelphia, Delaware, Montgomery, Bucks, Chester counties.